I wrote my first headline in elementary school for a yearbook cover design contest. I only remember it because I’m still bitter about not winning. “New Hope Elementary: Where friendship and learning meet.”

I can’t say that’s the moment I knew I wanted to be a copywriter, but it would have been nice to bypass my pre-med phase. I really thought Grey’s Anatomy had prepared me for Chemistry 101.

Advertising requires a similar skill set, in my mind. I still get to solve problems and find out why people do all the weird things they do.

A born and bred Tar Heel from Chapel Hill, N.C., I’m a recent graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Advertising and Honors in Creative Writing.

I don’t remember writing my first poem, but writing has always been the best way for me to process the world.

A poet once said “being a successful poet is a lot like being a successful mushroom.” By that, I think he meant no one pays you a whole lot to be a mushroom, at least not while you’re alive.

That being said, I like words, but I also like getting paid. I think copywriters have the best of both worlds. They’re like the poets of the bourgeoisie, the not-so-starving artists. Perhaps if we were to sum it up, we could call it “Copywriting: Where words and money meet.”

Get to know me better at lilianagavazov@gmail.com.